Pre-ConferencE | Friday, april 5th | 12:30pm - 04:00pm

12:30pm - 01:30pm | Lead Well in Children's Ministry | Dale Hudson

Children's Ministry is one of the most challenging, but rewarding areas of the church to lead. Discover the keys to leading your children's ministry to not just survive, but thrive. You will be equipped to lead your ministry well. 

01:45pm - 04:00pm | Reinventing Yourself In The Ministry And Keeping Your Passion (Part 1 & 2) | Jeff Harmon

Lessons from the Life of Joseph: Perhaps for you, ministry began with a dream from God but excitement faded and passion waned as ministry life became a fast-paced blur, a constant balancing act, and even a chaotic whirlwind. Pressured to conform to the “applauded addiction” of busyness, ministry can become filled with meaningless activities. And there’s no joy in that! The process of reinventing yourself begins with finding God’s purpose for your life and sorting out your priorities - “renewing the dream.” We’ll look at how you can get fresh vision, guard the passion you have, and navigate through the obstacles of discouragement and difficulties in your ministry. This workshop is candid and authentic; you’ll come away encouraged and equipped with new lenses to see your ministry and calling and to finish strong.

breakout a options | Friday, april 5th | 06:30pm - 07:45pm

Making The Curriculum Connection | Ken McDonald

In this session Ken will be presenting several different curricula as well as offering a time of question and answer to help you in your  “How To’s” for children’s ministry. With 26 years of ministry experience, a husband, father of 3 children and a grandfather, Ken has a heart for children’s spiritual growth.

SHIFT: How To Move From Neutral To Drive | Mark Collins

Are you using the bulk of your resources to hold you steady in the place you are already in? It’s time for a SHIFT in the way we develop people, leaders, programs, ministries, and events. If you feel STUCK in your ministry, programs, or resources, this breakout is for you!  

Ministry & Life Hacks (Things no one tells you, but they should) | Shelly Calcagno

It can take years to create good habits, systems and methods for ministry. Even longer to learn how to take care of yourself in the middle of it all. Instead of waiting years to figure it all out on your own, this session will give you 10 tips and ideas to help you manage different areas of your life and ministry without losing yourself and your sanity in the middle of it all.

Bringing God’s Word To Life | Suzi Danter

Everyone loves a good story. And we’ve got the very best story ever told! But how do we tell ancient stories in new ways? And more than that, how do we apply these biblical stories for our kids today? Let’s talk about strategies for creative storytelling and application that sticks, by following the example of Jesus – the greatest teacher of all!

Developing Intergenerational Ministry | Tanya Yuen

It is time for us to consider the SHIFT that needs to happen within our ministries and worship experiences. This workshop will address ways  to begin or better develop intergenerational ministry opportunities in our faith communities. We will briefly explore a rationale for intergenerational ministry as well as cover practical tips and steps for planning and leading intergenerational events and worship experiences. Common pitfalls and challenges and ways to overcome them will also be shared. Resources and planning guides will be provided.

Can We Measure Favour Of God? | Patrice Wheeler

In this workshop we will talk about intentional Spiritual Growth of Children by looking at key characteristics, practices and environments to encourage and measure spiritual growth.

breakout B options | Saturday, april 6th | 09:00am - 10:15am

Influence the Influencer | Dale Hudson

We know that parents are the biggest influence in a child's life. This means if we want to influence children for Christ, we must influence their parents. Discover practical and powerful ways you can influence parents. 

Ministry With People and Families Affected By Disability | Andrea Foster

As a parent of twins with disabilities, and an expert in the field of disability studies, Andrea Foster offers a unique perspective on the Church and disability. This workshop explores the following: How church leaders can support volunteers as they seek to include children with disabilities in their class and in the life of the church; How pastors, volunteers, church leaders can support the parents/caregiver of the child with special needs and the child specifically; Creative ways to include and involve children with impairments in the congregation/class; How to better interact with children with special needs; Key practical strategies for handling difficult situations.

Seize The 167: How To Navigate The Biggest Communication Shift in 500 Years | Brady Shearer

This breakout will focus on how to best leverage and use what is available to churches with varying budgets and demographics in the way of social media, websites, connect cards, check–in systems, etc, to best connect with and communicate to parents/families.

Going From Surviving To Thriving | Carolyn Burge

In this session we will discuss how to transform your kids ministry to a team that is thriving instead of just surviving.  Learn how to cast vision to inspire people to want to be on your team, and build relationships within the team that helps them stay connected. Help your team go beyond just showing up to a team that looks forward to being together and serving kids together.

Who Is Generation Z | Jeff Harmon

To help us reach the children in our classrooms it’s always helpful to understand who they are, they language that they speak and the unique characteristics that they possess. We will spend time looking at answers to some of these questions and how we may can make a “shift” in our approach to reach them. Each generation is unique and because we care about them we need to do our best to understand them. World-wide marketing agencies “shift” constantly in their approach to reach them, why aren’t we? 

Generating Own Income, Fundraising Ideas, Government Funding | Jenn Dungo

Looking at creative ways to find funding for your children’s and family ministry. In a day where every dollar counts we will look at ways to make your kids budget bigger and make every dollar you have work. As well as looking at new ways to resource your ministry though community programs, agencies and government funding.

Preschool Ministry Ideas | Kendra Watterworth

Do you want to take your preschool ministry to the next level? Come learn the top 5 things every preschool ministry must have and take home ideas for lessons, games, worship, crafts and more.

breakout c options | Saturday, april 6th | 01:30pm - 02:45pm

Leading Change When You Are Not The Senior Leader | Carey Nieuwhof

You have big dreams and ideas, but you're not the senior leader. In this session, Carey Nieuwhof will share tips from his perspective as a senior leader on how to best lead your boss and leverage influence within your church.

Out of Kids Ministry, Now What? | Nicki Straza

Helping your kids and youth transition into the next phase of their development in your ministry is a significant variable many overlook in our ministry structure. Learn the value of transitions planned well along with practical tools for keep your kids engaged with God and with church as they age.

Family Missions: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly | Gianpaolo Galessiere

Is it possible to take children on a missions trip? Find out through real life experiences if its possible to have a successful family focus missions trip. You will cry laughing at some of the stories from past missions experiences, but also be inspired through the life change that happens. 

Same Story, Different Ages | Jenn Dungo

The story of God is like Lego good for ages 0 to 99+ but what makes it difficult is when you have a mix of ages, one room, a couple leaders. Let’s talk about fun ways to engage kids of all ages so that we are not just filling time but making lasting impacts on the lives of the kids that are in your ministry.

Teaching Foundational Truths | Cindy Rose

In a time in our culture where Biblical illiteracy is a growing concern, how do we help ensure that this next generation have some important foundational truths and practices that they rely on in their own faith journey? Together we will learn how to present foundational truths such as salvation, prayer, and worship to all age groups in children’s ministry.

Emotionally Healthy Leadership In A Children’s Ministry Role | Kevin-Joel Coupland

This session is about setting goals and boundaries, understanding self and learning to be comfortable with who God made you to be and how to operate in your calling while still maintaining balance. Making emotionally healthy choices is the best way to minister, since we cannot pour out from an empty vessel. This session will look at what it means to “know thyself” and then apply that to the Children’s Ministry context. (Leadership)

Ministry Admin 101: The Basics to Thrive | Christine Mann

Do you feel like you are drowning in administrative tasks? Are you frustrated because you feel like you can’t see the forest for the trees? What if I told you that these seemingly overwhelming and “unnecessary” admin tasks were actually a vehicle to help your ministry succeed? What if I told you there were small steps you could take and tools you could use to help alleviate the weight of the admin side of ministry, and allow yourself to do what you love, only better?  Let’s start with the basics and learn some skills and tools to help your weekly tasks not get the best of you, and to start to plan far enough ahead that your special events are not a last minute effort.

breakout D options | Saturday, april 6th | 03:00pm - 04:15pm

See Today’s Kids Follow Jesus For A Lifetime | Dale Hudson

We all hear the stats about kids dropping out of church and even leaving the faith - but we can change that if we will follow God's plan for discipling kids and families.

Because Life Can Be Messy | Cheryl Neal

Pastors still seem to be the first responders to people who find themselves in crisis, and the children in our care are no exception. They look to us to help them in their darkest and most disappointing times, but they are sometimes forgotten in the whirlwind of what is happening around them. This workshop will give an overview for children’s pastors and workers on how to respond to children who are experiencing a loss like death, divorce or illness in their family or who struggling with anxiety or depression.

How To Reach Gen Z On The Platforms They Are Already Obsessed With | Brady Shearer

How can we use technology to reach and disciple this generation of kids? Come learn creative and out of the box ideas of how to shift our approach and minister with Gen Z and their technologically driven world.

Classroom Management Strategies For All Ages | Kendra Watterworth

Managing a group of kids is more than just teaching them to follow the rules! Learn tips and tools on how to create healthy classroom management in all of your ministry environments.

Empowering Missionally Minded Kids | Nicki Straza

Teaching and empowering are two different tactics. Discover how to create an environment that empowers kids to live missionally not just do missional acts. Discover keys to connecting kids to real relationship with God and understanding his design and purpose for them to serve a lost world.

First Impressions Matter | Natalie Dickert

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Guests/visitors are making decisions about your church in the first 10 seconds of walking in. Your guests make lightning-fast decisions about your church before we can even mention Jesus! No church is perfect, we are all working on stuff, but we can’t afford to mess up on the first impression. We'll discuss the 4 main things families are looking for when they enter a new church:  Signage, Cleanliness/Organization, Safety and Friendliness.

Multi-service Kids Ministry | Carolyn Burge

Is your church in the process of adding another service? In this session we will discuss practical ideas that will help you navigate the journey from one service to multiple services. We will also talk about kids ministry across multiple campuses, challenges that go with that, and ideas to help make multi-campus kids ministry run with excellence.